Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System


Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System

(V-Mount of Gold Mount)


  • Ecosystem for the DJI RS 2
  • Stabilizer Arm with Support Vest
  • Easy Assembly and Transport
  • Wireless Thumb Controller and Receiver
  • V Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate
  • Smartphone and Monitor Brackets
  • Easy High and Low Modes

The Tilta Float System works in conjunction with the DJI RS 2 gimbal to provide a small, compact camera stabilizer system to allow you to accomplish smooth cinematic camera movements with smaller camera setups. The counterweight-based post provides further stabilization for your setup beyond what the gimbal is already doing to allow for the smoothest possible free flowing camera movement imaginable. Also, the spring-loaded arm and support vest design puts the weight of the rig onto your torso, allowing for longer operating times before the user gets fatigued.

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lightweight and wearable vest

Lightweight & wearable vest allows for the gimbal to be brought tight to the body

The quick release vest has a shock absorbing design. Lightweight and compact. The ergonomical weight distribution design gives the operator steady support. Flexible and easy fitting for all body types.

10kg payload

Optimized arm carrying structure and capacity

Durably built with pliable springs provide the forth axis of stabilization. The user has more control while operating.




Easy high and low angle switch. NATO rail connection is built onto both top and bottom ends. Compatible will all gimbals and power supply equipment.
Retractable post can function as monopod or extension.

retractable post

Retractable Post

Carbon-fiber made post. Wear proof and lightweight.

wireless control rs2

Wireless control for precise operation

Fully authorized DJI internal communication protocol. Precisely control RS2 through the wireless control receiver module.

universal, use for left or right operation

Universal Design, easily switch from left to right

Quick assembly design. Both the arm and monitor bracket support left and right operation. Compatible with various gimbal brands.

secure operation using back brace

More protection for secure operation

Modular camera and battery can be carried on the back of the vest. Safely operate with the guidance of the safety guiding strap and enhanced anti-collision design.

easy to balance

Easy Balancing + Quick & Precise

Simplified balancing process. Compatible with a wide range of accessories. Adjustable weight depending on the setups. Quick and precise control.

power supply plate options

Continuous Power: Four power supply options

Power through external V-mount, gold mount, DJI battery grip, and TB50 batteries. Tidy, cordless build. Compact and portable.

compact and portable

Compact & Portable

Highly portable design for quick assembly and long distance transportation.

float system packing list

tilta float system parts and packaging



In the box

(1) Tilta Float System Arm (GSS-T01-ARM)
(1) Tilta Float System Post (GSS-T01-PST)
(1) Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 (TGA-PBP) with Cable (TCB-DTP-2LE-40)
(1) Tilta Float System V Mount Battery Plate (GSS-T01-BPV)
(1) 2-Pin Lemo to 2-Pin Lemo Cable (20 cm) (TCB-2LE-2LE-20)
(1) Tilta Float System Support Vest (GSS-T01-SV)
(1) Wireless Thumb Controller for RS 2 (GSS-T01-WTC)
(1) Wireless Control Receiver Module for RS 2 (TGA-WCR)
(1) Tilta Float System Monitor Bracket (GSS-T01-MB)
(1) Tilta Float System Carrying Case (GSS-T01-CC)
(1) Tiltaing Adjustable Cold Shoe Phone Mounting Bracket (TA-PMB-B)
(1) Tool Kit for Tilta Float System (GSS-T01-TK)



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